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儿女传奇胭脂错|水姿泉肠道水疗仪In xiangyang city, in the face of radiate a dangerous breath CAI, pretending that there is no dare to reply, obediently follow the arrangement of the CAI, one day, has been in a dozen places, pretending to be sure, CAI what must have been found, heart trouble, the more urgent, but is home kuai remained silent and seemed to fade out the decision-makers of xiangyang, very upset, and even pretending very not easy to find a chance to meet, but it was rejected.Soon xunyu, xunyou and zhong you came to sikongfu. When they saw xiafhouyuan, their hearts sank. They guessed what had happened."Once you are granted a king, the world will no longer be a kingdom of han. Once you are granted a king, no matter whether your majesty likes it or not, even if the vassals who fail to get the title of king and knighthood will all set themselves up as king or even emperor. At that time, the 400-year-old foundation of han will be completely destroyed!" Cao cao looked at fu wan sen cold way: "this person, is clearly to disaster!"

"Things can not be violated, should make some decisions!" "Said chua coolly.Chapter 35 the odds are in handNow lu bu was trying his best to prevent the situation of the joint efforts of the vassals and moved to luoyang, in order to focus the attention of the world and facilitate pang tong's action.儿女传奇胭脂错|This is clearly be lyu3 bu4 to scared, will come to worship the country itself, but I don't know, but now they are in the eyes of the han dynasty has fragmented, lyu3 bu4 now party governors, lyu3 bu4 and gan ning, the court didn't ability let people do anything, paekche angel this is completely in the wrong way to ran and xuchang.

儿女传奇胭脂错|"You mean, they... "CAI MAO's eyes widened in disbelief."Are there any infighting?" Opposite, wei yan is startled to see someone fall down on the wall, surprised way."Zi Ming." Zhou yu turned to lv meng and said, "if we really join forces with the princes of the central plains, how can we attack lv bu?"

Just as zang ba was preparing to return to the city, lu bu's army under the city had rushed up the wall. When a wave of arrows came over, they shot down one of the soldiers in front of them."Kill!"I don't know what it is, but lyu3 bu4 felt that it must have something to do with the matter of being crowned king.儿女传奇胭脂错|




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