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张慧光被实名举报|开游戏厅的手续"Your excellency has filtered it." Engaged in laughing way: "Is can be good at war, lyu3 bu4 now soldiers will be few, high by the way is again fierce, but want to divide troops stationed in three counties, the army only need to storm a place, why worry about seibel not broken?"That's not the question, okay?"Master." Pound came in from outside at this time, smell speech to d bow down a gift way: "master, we can retreat to linjing, at the same time to stationed in sophora seibel for help, presumably lyu3 bu4 also don't want to see Korea hence occupied the west cool, as long as seibel willing to send troops, stationed in the north county, and our army is bemis, presumably Korea hence will fear three points."

Suddenly, drinking water cattle and sheep looked up and began to irritably sound, the earth, accompanied by a thunderous sound of hoofs, the whole prairie as if in this moment fell into turmoil.Liu Gan's most valiant fighters, so in the moment of battle, died in each other's hands, make Liu Gan's all the huns soldiers fell into a dead silence in an instant."The rest of the broken qiang didn't appear?" Lyu3 bu4 stood after the crowd, he is not qiang people, nature also won't go to worship the ethereal spirit, looked around, didn't find broken qiang, frown at giffin way.张慧光被实名举报|"Cheng Yi, tomorrow you take twenty thousand troops with me, Cheng Yin is responsible for guarding the city, I will inform burn when the old king together. Eventually, with his teeth decided, twenty thousand han army, he is confident that move burn when Lao wang with fifty thousand qiang, plus twenty thousand huns, the momentum, is enough.

张慧光被实名举报|"For today, xinfeng has not long to stay, I'm afraid the war report in huaili is also empty, west cool army or has been defeated, we bypass xinfeng back to hanoi." Zhong Yao looked to the west, Although it sounds bizarre, But only in this way is it sufficient to explain why Wei Yan, who had been wavering before, was suddenly so resolute, Heart suddenly rose a strong sense of frustration, thought this time invited the army of west cool, plus jun from the side, will be able to break lyu3 bu4, let lyu3 bu4 become their stepping stone, who would have thought, in the end he didn't even see lyu3 bu4's face, was lyu3 bu4 under a member of the generals killed, retreat."Dogs and thieves! I swear to kill you!" Marten eyes canthus to crack, looked at Korea hence, gnashing teeth."The daughter of the first emperor, ten thousand years of princess liu yun, son of heaven to marry, life cao cao's general CAI Yang personally escorted, now has to luoyang, not long after, will be sent to changan, congratulations master, will become a royal family." Marotta smiled.

"General, even if d retreat in jing, but Korea hence will not stop here, give d a chance to come back, if d a defeat, Korea hence in the west cool prestige will rise, under its eighty thousand west cool, if it occupies the west cool, will inevitably pose a major threat to our army, even if we send troops to attack, I'm afraid our army is difficult to resist." Xu sheng stood beside seibel, looking at the map sink a track."People will die." Pound looked at everyone, suppressing the helplessness and resentment in his chest: "There are lighter than feather, there are heavier than Mount Tai, we can retreat, but you know, if we retreat, what does it mean?"Liu Gan's most valiant fighters, so in the moment of battle, died in each other's hands, make Liu Gan's all the huns soldiers fell into a dead silence in an instant.张慧光被实名举报|





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