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高靖榕|聚御堂Although this words listen some unreasonable, but the bottom of my heart is involuntary gives birth to a warm, tracing the cause and gu shao glances, shake head a way: "uncle, I this time to come, with priority, I master in jiangdong day and look forward to news, not delay, or give priority to with business, save uncle arrangement as soon as possible I met with the champion.""One is lu xun, the son of the late lu jun, and the other is gu shao, the son of gu yong, now governor of yu zhang. Both are jiangdong junjie. When my minister was on a diplomatic mission to jiangdong, he was assisted by two families. Yang fu bowed."Your excellency don't worry, ying er what scene have not seen, how can be frightened by these foreign barbarians, your excellency but ying er accompany?"

"Newspaper ~" at this time, the distance of a knight gallop came, look at dress up, it is day by day camp soldiers."He's not going to disobey the court even on this matter, is he?" Liu xie caution way.高靖榕|"Boom -"

高靖榕|Neither for nor against."Boyan, what's the matter?" Gu shao came from behind, puzzled at the standing in situ lu xun road."I... "Zhang lu looked at the waving of the flag of zhang zhang, zhang opened his mouth, for a time can not say words, never seen such a horizontal to persuade surrender.

At present the world situation is quite delicate, the forces of each side contain each other, all look covedly at the eye of the tiger to jingzhou, but mutual apprehension, eager between did not start, the longer the delay, the more adverse to jingzhou, zhuge liang after determining the itinerary, with zhang fei and huang zhong and liu bei two hundred pro wei on the road."I will die to follow my Lord." The pro - guard command turn over mount horse, clench the weapon in the hand."Bravado! Xia houyuan sneered and said, "there are only eighty thousand soldiers and horses in hebei province. If there are eighty thousand troops, why bother? We can directly break through ye cheng and order the three armies to camp and repair, and then break their camps tomorrow."高靖榕|





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