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女人花剧情介绍|郁敏"Consigliere? Han DE started a little and quickly bowed to salute.In a different world, although it is a reversal of space-time, or two space-time is not on the same line, but these things are not important.

"Thank you, Lord." "Samba exclaimed."Consigliere, what?" Back in daying, zhang liao took the lead in greeting li ru and asked.But is the way of the choice, he have no too much choice, so on their own path more walk more far, in the market place, cheating is not worse than The Times of blood dripping wet, sometimes the soft knife stabbed, even more pain than the knife chop down over, the pain is the body, the former is the heart pain.女人花剧情介绍|"I ordered all tribes to gather as soon as possible. This time, Ben shan yu will personally supervise the battle and drive lv bu out of hetao!" Liu bao a face fierce ground say.

女人花剧情介绍|Feng yi, Lin jin, pu banjin ferry."Be!" Four brave men step forward, stretch out a hand to lead, toward lu lingqi way: "young lady, don't want to let the subordinate difficult.""Will you keep pigeons if you train more hawks to carry messages?" Lv bu turned his head and looked at samba.

Behind the formation began to collapse, the terror of death thoroughly the tu the warrior that had deserted him, like the rainbow in front of people are beginning to panic to bridle horses, were followed by unidentified truth tu the warriors into it, suddenly a mess, tu the king some out, flapping wild whip, want to drink to stop mess, just before impact is too fierce, at the moment tu the soldier had crashed into a ball, can control the horse."You...... "The Wolf qiang king smell speech great anger, point to tu each wang way:" that I help yue shi wang."The outcome has not yet been decided. Why should the Lord worry too much?" Jia xu shook his head. He was not too pessimistic. Such a big battle would take at least a few months or even a year.女人花剧情介绍|




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