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杨丞琳李荣浩领证秘婚|首帮育发液"General don't bother." CAI wenji nodded slightly, returned a gift, looked at lyu3 bu4 said: "since the husband has important business, my body first retired.""Kill ~""Master, why don't we storm?" North palace from carrying the new play zaoyang slimming came to lyu3 bu4 account, muffled.

Don't underestimate the name, Lyu3 bu4 now occupy three auxiliary, "if a name is not right and a word is not right, Now the han dynasty tiger die wei still in, the royal family still held an orthodox position in the minds of most people, Especially lyu3 bu4 now under the people are in nanyang, hanoi, the people of the royalty, deep-rooted recognition, self-led and the official canonization of the court, for a party vassal, there is an essential difference, this is an important chess piece to contain lyu3 bu4, even if lost zhong yao, cao cao is unlikely to be willing to give the official position to lyu3 bu4.Lyu3 bu4 calmly turned the horse's head, looked at five thousand knights behind, these people, basically are west cool people, there is a drop in the army, also have d brought elite, lyu3 bu4 can see anger on their faces, just in this mood, also permeated with a numbness, and disregard.With a seibel command, After the array of one thousand archers cold bow, arrows, strings and then let go, one thousand arrows quickly converge into a dense cloud in the air, in the air across an arc, with a sharp whistle, like endless rain, like the sky, in the not-so-spacious beach, played a desperate movement of death.杨丞琳李荣浩领证秘婚|Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, wanted to think, finally shook his head, is really not, even if the township needs cultural literacy is not high, as long as literacy, lyu3 bu4 now in hand, literate people are not many, zhang liao, seibel these generals he can't let them run to the countryside to do education.

杨丞琳李荣浩领证秘婚|"Master wise, but these rumors if put aside, even if a few generals have no anti-heart, I'm afraid the soldiers under his heart also inevitably have his meaning." Giffin smiled and nodded."Little general go!" Several QinWei face big change, hurriedly put Ma Tie on horses, just this moment of kung fu, larocca has taken the men on board."There's no way to prove it." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and looked earnestly at the king of the moon people. "The king of the moon people can rest assured," he said.

Unlike Zhang embroidery methodical, d chose the most barbaric way, with superb riding, toward YuanMen direction hit, hand TianWolf gun with the smell of destruction, will easily YuanMen bolts broken, directly into the camp YuanMen."Sister ~" felt a slight chill in her chest, followed by a pair of hot hands, Joe exclaimed at the red-faced Joe."General, just our army now, how to break the enemy?" The lieutenant smiled bitterly.杨丞琳李荣浩领证秘婚|




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