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uu9980|陕西融和化工Arrogance faded a lot, respectfully to cao cao a salute: "at, see tsao gong."Soon, Kirby can see the now famous grassland characters, in the sight of lyu3 bu4 moment, Kirby can eyes flashed with amazement: "Are you... Timuzhen?"However, even so, obviously also can't wash the anger of the hate of the extinction, but also surprisingly calm, first sent someone to shoot down the beggars along the way to report to the beggars, perhaps in the attack on the beggars tribe, has been prepared for this, and then in the beggars return halfway to do preparation.

"Get ready, after tonight, the Qifu tribe will be history! The name Temuzhen will be famous for this prairie!" Lyu3 bu4 from horseback picked up the earthshaking bow, behind him, five hundred have been finished mending the moon people from riding stand, coldly looking at the large number of cavalry galloping from not far away."But what?" The head of the kissing guard looked at him angrily: "Finish it all at once."It's not easy to get here!uu9980|"I agree." Ke sin and go to jin stop suddenly nodded, their two tribes are far away, is not too worried, but the success or failure of the attack on the king's court, two people also chose to agree.

uu9980|"Master!" Just as cao cao thought about these things, country, at, freeze walked into ZhongJun tent side by side, looked at the handrail back of cao cao, freeze couldn't help but cry.Ule smell speech, face a change, is tolerant way: "adult rest assured, this matter, I must endow khan.""Click ~"

Cao Cao twisted his head and looked at the freeze. He naturally knew where the hay was coming from. Freeze looked at Cao Cao unhesitatingly. "He who makes a big deal of it should make himself at home!" He said."Adult Ming Jian, I and Cui E, this is childhood sweetheart, two love each other, who knows that zhang gu zhang..."uu9980|




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