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新笑傲江湖剧照|活动雨蓬"Oh?" With a bright glance, Miu Shang hurriedly said, "Sir, you have a plan. Please help me.""This is the reason! Command Liang Xing, station troops in Lingzhou, hold still, wait for Cheng Yinjun army arrived, rate the troops to join me, a total of d!" Korea hence fondle must smile, d but more than ten thousand join the army, even with lyu3 bu4, the two sides add up to but thirty thousand, how to block the steps of hundreds of troops?

There's not much time to think, Because the third halberd of lyu3 bu4 arrived, Since the last World War I, With that war, Not only let lyu3 bu4 halberd break through to the peak of the predecessor, and even a new breakthrough, this strange hair force or borrow force, is lyu3 bu4 to participate in research out of their own moves, with the help of weapons collisions to pass the power through special means to block off the power, finally burst out at the same time, lyu3 bu4 will be named-fold waves!"Now the kanto two governors, cao cao and lombardi war, two tigers, no matter who wins this war, will be the overlord of the north in the future, now, we are not good with cao cao." Cheng Gongying Road.Late at night, jincheng, town west general mansion.新笑傲江湖剧照|"Master GaoYi!" D, Han De, Pound and other generals awed: "will be willing to die at the end of the anti-Hu!"

新笑傲江湖剧照|"Your excellency has filtered it." Engaged in laughing way: "Is can be good at war, lyu3 bu4 now soldiers will be few, high by the way is again fierce, but want to divide troops stationed in three counties, the army only need to storm a place, why worry about seibel not broken?""It 's a wearisome trick!" Candidate at this time also react to come over, face black, heart is depressed, he was not ready to siege, you stay in your city and wait for the results not line, somehow ran out of sleep is what do you mean?"General, go on like this, in less than two days, I'm afraid the city will have to be breached." Is a wave of attack back, watching the west cool army to attack again, lieutenant came to seibel side, bitter face way.

"At the end of the day!" Pipe hai, Pei Yuanshao sensation should be life.A pain in the chest, but lyu3 bu4 party day painting ji in the air around a circle, again from a strange angle, north palace frown slightly wrinkled, some do not adapt to this way of playing, will zaoyang slimming a horizontal, but it is not.新笑傲江湖剧照|




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