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肉肉写的很细致的文np|妃龄七白膏代理"Afraid of what? Lyu3 ling3 qi4 leng4 of the silver gun grasp in the hand: "since already come, that let these xian3 bei4 people know our fierce, the bolt top string, act according to the occasion!""Big man messenger, you this is what meaning?" < / p > < p > juyan palace, juyan wang looked at the ugly face almost broke into the lu lingqi.At the same time, a tribe of huns outside, just out of the tribe of the huns soon suddenly by three different dress, obviously not from the same group of people, one of them skillfully tied his hands and feet, a set of people took out a bag, sneaking a look at the direction of the tribes, dragging continues to roll bag and ran.

"Face."O peel back the news authenticity, burn when Lao wang didn't want to tube, but one thing he can determine, burn when playing marten decided to follow in jincheng Korea hence, the west is cool, the qiang people, is almost burned when alone big, under peak, there are seventy thousand play professionally, but followed with all the way from jincheng play to wuwei, around west cool in a circle, now burn when it even you are not all the forty thousand people."Be."肉肉写的很细致的文np|Chapter 22 the first victory

肉肉写的很细致的文np|Not in the north, I did not know hu's invasion. Especially in these years, with the decline of the han dynasty, the huns gradually expanded, and the raids of the huns from year to year became more and more arrogant. With lv bu's attack, at least the people in xiliang and bingzhou would not worry about the invasion of the huns in the next few years.Unfortunately, it is too late to understand now, the east fire together, the north and south of the fire has been a line, completely cut off the retreat of the huns.Not far away, on the head of a hill, jia xu looked at all this with a blank face.

These cows were covered with eyes, body and tail is bound to a large number of straw, have also been pour kerosene, body is fixed with an iron fist at the same time, the back of a bull horizontal fixed with two Tibet, turneth the edge of a cold toward the front, look from the front, like the back of a bull gives birth to two slender wings, some neither fish nor fowl.Ten years of career, anneal a cold heart, he ignored everything, on the person's head came up to numerous former call each other brothers, go high, one step can then boarded the peak of life, may become a guru, but for a grassroots, achievement, can become one of the top policy makers to the rules of the game, is an inspiring workplace."By the way, two thousand people will be brought to him. General fei has just set up hetao, and he needs more hands. < / p > < p > yue wang is very simply to give up the right to arms, he knew that if they hold the right to arms, the time of the yue family is not far away.肉肉写的很细致的文np|




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