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奇迹剧情|中宽网信"Zhou Cang general, this person can't kill for the time being, or wait for the matter of hanoi, such as master." Wei yan wry smile."Yes." Yang Xi nodded and hesitated. "I heard that Han Sui had colluded with South Xiongnu secretly. Now Han Sui is poor. If his husband pursues him, I am afraid he will lead South Xiongnu to Koubian."Looking around at a group of captive generals, lyu3 bu4's voice gradually turned cold, suddenly said: "these captive generals, all killed!"

"We set out early this morning." QinWei command doubts to d.This is the so-called long-term love bar, now let him give people, really reluctant, silently nodded and said: "you to arrange it."奇迹剧情|

奇迹剧情|"Go and hand in that thank-you note." Lyu3 bu4 is openly, according to the etiquette of nature, can't sneak in like a thief, this is a kind of sincerity."Mr Wen He smiled, this is a little girl, there is a han named Yang Xi, Xi Er, this Mr Wen He is the top of the han Chinese wise man, that year is to have him mention a point, just have me white water qiang today, also don't visit." Yang Wang laughed."Yes!" D sneer at a way: "If you really have this ability, is to listen to you? But need to establish a warrant!"

"Well, the general had a brilliant plan, and the candidate did not even know what our army was really up to now." Lieutenant admired to Chen Xing a hand, with one thousand already ready to start soldiers quietly out of the city, around the candidate camp, toward the direction of huaili."Well, two generals and with me." Wei Yanshou a lead, let a new one thousand soldiers, with He Yi He Man brother into handsome account."Hand?" Lyu3 bu4 nodded and said satisfactorily, "From now on, you are a captain in the official residence. Take a battalion and go and pick out your soldiers."奇迹剧情|




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