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股权登记日五清通体组合"Sun ce is dead?" Shepherd slope, lyu3 bu4 look at the latest information from changan, slightly startled, among governors, he is probably the last to know the news, at this time from sun ce was assassinated, died almost half a month ago.Mu Ma Po, Over time, Ezra pound was alway stuck like a nail on that ramp of a herding horse, These days, has been able to clearly feel the impatience of Korea hence, almost at all costs, to capture the pastoral slope, even north county seibel, zhang liao he bing into the spirit of state have no scruples, in Korea hence this desperate play, pound before and after ten days, for a first time as commander-in-chief of the general, is almost a miracle.Sacrifice in countless nowhere to vent the cheers of young people, the atmosphere was pushed to the top, unlike the usual seen in the valiant, when a dress of the Qiang Yang Xi appeared in the middle of the crowd, lyu3 bu4 seemed to hear countless wild animals roar excitedly, let him instantly have a kind of illusion of being in the wolves.

"How about tomorrow?"But these are some scattered, at least so far, there is no qiang people or clan request to attach.Zhong yao nodded, looked at li bao, smiled and said: "I don't know general wen long sent general li here, what's the matter?"股权登记日Lyu3 bu4 nodded, dressed, striding to the door.

股权登记日"Husband, why not fight wuwei first, and then step by step annexation of korean hence forces?" Horseback, at the beginning of the woman Yang Xi eyes through the cold armor, doubtful to lyu3 bu4."Newspaper, the xiongnu army vanguard troops have arrived at the pastoral slope!""General han, let's split up!" Burn when Lao wang saw d chase, and the goal seems to be Korea hence, see a fork in the road ahead, quietly with people behind, see Korea hence into a fork, hurriedly greeted Korea hence after a sound, also don't wait for Korea hence answer, then with his men toward another fork.

"Wait?" Miuchamp looked at lee incredibly.Wide grasslands, there is a shocking scene, the huns even if defeated, still is lyu3 bu4 this miscellaneous army twice, but by ten thousand miscellaneous army chasing after malicious kill, from sunset dusk, kill to midnight, from chicken deer village has been fighting to the United States at the gates of millet, this is almost all the way to take the huns body paved down."Kill ~" at the moment, zhang liao has been chasing the handsome flag to kill near.股权登记日




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